As of September 30, 2018, your child must be

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4Jr Kg
5Sr kg

Admissions Process

We commence admissions in January 2019 and admissions for the Academic Year 2019-20 will be open for Grades Nursery upto 5.

You are requested to fill the Enquiry Form to enable us to schedule a personal appointment with a member of the Academic Team. Once we receive the completed Enquiry Form, we will send you your time slot for a personal family appointment via email.

These personal family appointments will comprise of a detailed presentation about the school, ancillary services and the curriculum for the grade applying as well as an opportunity to collect the Admission Kit.This gives us the opportunity to share details about our vision, program and answer questions you may have about settling into a new learning environment at EWS.

On submission of a completed Application form for Admission to the office, we will schedule another family interaction, this time enabling us to understand your vision and expectations and also your child’s learning level.

The acceptance of admission will be communicated to you via a personal call and email.


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Contact Details

We are delighted that you are considering EWS for your child. We hope to work closely with your family in the years to follow and are confident that you will enjoy this K-12 co-educational CBSE school that focuses on academic excellence, creative & performing arts and sport as part of the daily curriculum. For us, every child has an innate talent and ability, and it is time we focused on his/her learning needs by providing high quality teacher training to teachers who eventually will inspire the children to learn more! The world is developing at such a rapid pace and with technological advances made, we hope to bring to the city of Gurgaon world class facilities and programs that will equip your child to learn, apply the knowledge and successfully be placed in higher education.

Thank you for the opportunity and we can’t wait for you to be a part of our world.


  • Conscious of our role as mentors to your children in school, we adopt a 360 approach to safety and security at EWS,, focused on processes, screening, training, supervision involving but human personnel and technology to be a part of this protocol adopted that will be reassuring for parents. Third party audits, constant need to evaluate and upgrade the skills of the personnel enables EWS to provide the kind of environment that parents will be comfortable when sending their children for the half or full day school.

  • We also specialise in training for the children and parents on all aspects of safety – physical and personal and would like to create a community at EWS that is aware, alert and proactive in all aspects. We particularly want to emphasise that children in our school will be looked after as our own children, and therefore all systems and processes adopted will be truly professional.

School Location


Pre-primary Years: 9:00am to 1:00pm

Primary to Secondary Years: 8:00am to 3:00pm


Bus/Van service is optional and parents can avail of the option of carpooling or dropping and fetching their child from school independently. In the interest of the environment, we do however suggest, carpooling or school transport facilities as an option to be exercised. – Arrival and Dispersal time will be adhered to as part of the school policy on discipline. We will therefore, in the interest of traffic congestion have those travelling by car or bus to come in ten minutes earlier each day, and exit after a representation of the authorization card, only once the buses have departed from campus. – Fees are payable directly to the identified vendor

Cafeteria service is optional and we shall endeavor to provide an Indian menu option for students availing of this service – Fees are payable directly to the identified vendor

 Yes, uniforms are part of the discipline protocol at EWS. The fabric will bear in mind the warm weather conditions and importantly given the range of co-curricular activities as part of the school routine, the styling and fit will be comfortable and flexible. – We will combine PE and a School Uniform as part of the school uniform kit.This is payable separately and not part of the fees

At Excellere World School, we believe in a culture of discipline, learning at one’s pace and also making children accountable for the learning process so that they become independent adults. To achieve this, from time to time, re-enforcement assignments will be sent home for the children to update their skills, however, we maintain a strict discipline for life after school hours, reserved for family conversation and have a well-defined optimum “school work” home-work policy after school hours that will be discussed when you come in for the admission process. As parents, you will enjoy that discipline yet flexibility it offers and will be excited how technology will be integrated as well to make this an enjoyable process. – We will conduct “Checking for Understanding” assessments as a combination of oral, open, presentation, research assignments and time-bound examinations at regular intervals. We will revise with the children, encourage them to take these assessments with a spirit of application and enabling them to enjoy the process of evaluation which is a valuable tool for us as teachers to ensure that we customize our approach to learners

We are a 1 division school with 30 students per class. – We have an effective and efficient teacher-student ratio

A personal tour of the school will be organized for all families interested post February 2019

Admission Form

Submit your enquiry online we will get back to you or Download Enquiry Form.