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Academic Structure


“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

The school follows the curriculum prescribed by CBSE blended with an array of activities, practicals, training to name a few.

We engage children’s imaginations and curiosity through active, hands-on learning, and seeks to cultivate creative thinking, inquiry, and a love of learning by integrating a full curriculum in math, language arts, the sciences, and foreign languages with the visual arts, drama, music, and movement.

NURSERY TO SR. K.G. Pre-Primary Years


The Pre-primary Years is inspired by the Indian Gurukul philosophy and enhanced by CBSE enriched learning objectives at Grade One.

Apart from helping develop learners’ skills and an understanding in English, Mathematics and Science, this curriculum’s subject focus also helps enrich social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Academics will be combined with co-curricular and value-adding activities to further help with the development of our learners at this early stage.


GRADES I TO V Primary Years


The Primary Years adapt the CBSE board and its frameworks. In these years, we continue focusing on inquiry-based learning and introduce a blend of our local culture with a global perspective. For us, the students must value Indian values and what’s happening in the world around them.

The subject focus areas include Languages – English and state/national, Maths, Sciences (Social and Combined sciences), Information, Communications and Technology (ICT).

The academics will be balanced out with co-curricular and value-adding activities further enhancing our children’s knowledge base and aiding in healthier development.

GRADES V TO X Middle & Secondary Years


The Middle and Secondary Years are milestone years for every child in terms of their development as learners. EWS will facilitate a detailed and deeper understanding culminating in CBSE Grade X examinations.

The subject focus in these years will include Languages – English and (State/National), Maths, Social Sciences (History and Geography), Sciences (Physics, Biology and Chemistry), ICT, among others.

These academic subjects are again beautifully combined with various co-curricular and value-adding activities extending the foundation built in the earlier years.

The Middle and Secondary Years especially require more handholding for students to realize their true potential, and ace the Board examinations, which aid in them securing a place in the University of their choice.