World Heritage Day – Trip to Qutub Minar

April 18 2019: “World Heritage Day” school excursion.


The students of Excellere World School got an opportunity to explore “The Qutub Minar” India’s tallest historical monument. On the morning of April 18,the students set off on a journey to the famous UNESCO world heritage site. It is one of the notable and most prominent examples of Indo- Islamic architecture and portrays the history of Delhi.

Beautifully landscaped gardens… lush green lawns..fresh with last night’s rain… and a majestic tower in the centre, “The Qutub Minar” welcomed us as we walked into its premises. Made of red and buff sandstone, it is one of the highest stone towers in the world and certainly a sight to see. The architecture, splendour and craftsmanship.. everything looked alive…. The iron pillar in the premises which had stood the test of time without rusting …is certainly a wonder !!

Overwhelming is the only word by which we can describe the trip to the incredible Qutub Minar. We were taken there to observe our rich heritage, and think about how it should be preserved. It was a great learning experience for teachers and students, as they got to know about the history behind the monument. A great visit, which made us realize how important our heritage is. We spent over three hours adoring the well-maintained historical site….!!


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