Teaching Methodology

  • Teaching Methodology
  • We engage our students through a variety of teaching methods. We stimulate curiosity, invite participation, challenge assumptions and address current world issues.

    Students learn through teacher instruction, smart classes, PowerPoint presentations, lab-work, group activities and field trips. Teachers use a child-centric methodology which instils confidence, resourcefulness, and development of critical and analytical skills.

    Our faculty uses modern teaching methodologies to make learning a pleasure. ‘Smart Class’ technology has been adopted wherein classrooms are equipped with Interactive Boards loaded with tons of information for all classes as per the CBSE curriculum. This audio-visual teaching helps to reinforce classroom concepts and brings greater clarity of thought and understanding. The methodology is Activity bases and Learning by Doing; children get hands-on experience related to various concepts.

    Excellere believes in inspiring children to inquire and seek responses themselves. The idea is to open their minds first, unleash their creativity and then help them build on it.

    We firmly believe that "Children must be taught how to think, not what to think".