CBSE - About the Board:

EWS is a proposed K-12 CBSE school with 21st century learning! Affiliated to a time-tested and India’s Number 1 Academic Board has its advantages- The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)  is one of the oldest and largest boards in India with over 15000 schools across India delivering the curriculum. It is widely accepted and recognized by national and international colleges and universities in India and overseas.

Highlights of the CBSE curriculum:


  • Innovation in teaching methods in order to focus on every student’s growth
  • Continuous changes and improvements in the methods of examinations and evaluations
  • Skill learning by adding a lot of activities along with academics
  • Regularly training teachers by conducting training programs and workshops

Advantages of studying in CBSE board.

• The CBSE board is regularly improving and growing.

• It provides education that focuses on the children and is stress-free.

• The CBSE is built to support teacher-student friendly methods.

• It achieves quality benchmarks according to National goals.

• It is interactive and fun-filled.

• It is designed to match the national interests of our country.

• Specially helps those who wish to practice higher education in Nationalized Institutes.

• It promotes physical and mental growth through co-curricular activities along with academics.

• The CBSE process of teaching is healthy and well-organized.

• It has the most favorable results.